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First name: Robert
Surname: Sadkowski
Born: 25 February, 1976
Birthplace: Nowogard, Poland
Best Known As: English & Geography teacher at local comprehensive
Marital status: married (wife - Izabela; one child - Filip - 7 years old)
Education: In 2001 I graduated from University of Szczecin (a degree in Marine Sciences, Cartography & Teledection). In 2003, I completed postgraduate studies at High School of Foreign Languages in Poznan (faculty: English). Moreover, I am the holder of the TOEFL Certificate.
Telephone: (091)3921156

In 1999 I started my career as an English teacher at Secondary School No. I. However, since 2006 I have also been working as a Geography teacher.
The following website has been created to help students preparing for taking secondary school-leaving examination as well as those who are just willing to broaden their knowledge.

Good luck folks!

waiting in the airport lounge (London)
My beloved baby son - Filip

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